Woman With One Leg Was Denied Entrance To Two Iconic Paris Attractions: “I’ve Never Felt More Disabled In My Life”

Date September 26, 2018 19:40

Over the past few years, more than 26 million people with disabilities have traveled either for pleasure or business purposes.

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But despite the fact that it has been 28 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act was made into law, disabled travelers are still facing difficulties.

“I’ve never felt more disabled in my life”

Roya Hosini, a young performer from Australia, faced an unfair treatment when she was not allowed to enter two iconic tourist attractions in Paris.


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Hosini, or Roya the Destroya, as she calls herself on stage, has been traveling the world, participating in theatre production FRONTX. Despite living with only one leg, the circus performer impressed the social media with her incredible acrobatic poses.


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Hosini says her disability has never prevented her from engaging in touristic activities during her travels. However, she was not able to enjoy the most famous touristic attractions in Paris, and perhaps in the world, the Eiffel Tower and the catacombs.


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Roya took to Facebook to express her disbelief, saying that despite buying tickets, the staff at both places denied her access to them. One of them commented:

It’s like having someone blind fly a plane.

Shocked Australian wrote in her emotional post:

I’ve never felt more disabled in my life than these type of moments. First, it was the Eiffel Tower that denied me access to the top due to the safety of others in case of emergency evacuation. Now it’s the (catacombs) denying me entry basically due to being ‘handicapped’.

Hosini even tried to talk to the manager on the phone but he finished the conversation by hanging up on her.

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Later, a spokesman for the Catacombs apologized for the situation Hosini was put through, saying it was an “unfortunate event that we deplore.”

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