Who Are George’s Best Friends? No Need To Go Far, When Your Friends Are Your Relatives

Date May 10, 2019

Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has lots of brothers and sisters.

Of course, there are plenty of options with whom Prince George can spend his free time, but royal fans are wondering whether he has good friends.

Who are his true friends?

Reportedly, Prince George loves spending time with Princess Charlotte and their cousin Mia Tindall. Kids can often be spotted together, and they look so lovely!

For example, they were seen having fun on the ride, bumping into each other’s stationary cars. Even though they are members of the royal family, they are also children like everybody else, and want to have fun, playing around and laughing.

On this photo, George, Charlotte and Mia are having some great time while at Norfolk. What a great friends they are!

Prince George has also good relations with his cousin Savannah Philips. At Princess Eugenie’s wedding, they had such a cute cheeky laugh that became the center of media attention right away!

Prince George of Cambridge has quite a big family and lots of royal relatives. Nevertheless, he prefers to spend time with Princess Charlotte and their cousin Mia Tindall, and they are considered to be good friends.