"No Advice For Those Ladies": Stars Continue To Bash Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin For College Admissions Scandal

Date May 17, 2019

More celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Martha Stewart, Julia Roberts, and others are speaking out on the college admissions scandal involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.


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College admissions scandal

Actresses Lori, Felicity, are famous parents among coaches, and other high-profile people charged in the nationwide college admissions scam.

The college admissions scandal involves parents reportedly bribing officials to get their kids’ way into elite colleges regardless of their actual abilities. The actions of these parents obviously took someone's place in the universities when they paid an enormous amount of money.


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The Full House actress reportedly paid $500,000 to get daughter Olivia Jade into an elite college. She was arrested and released on $1 million bail.

Felicity who was also arrested reportedly paid $15,000 to get her eldest daughter, into a prestigious private school. The Desperate Housewives actress was arrested and released on a $250,000 bond.


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More stars react

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has joined other celebrities commenting on the nationwide scam. Speaking on The Van Jones Show, the mother of four said: 


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If my kids couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in anyway.


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Record producer Dr. Dre shaded Lori after his daughter, got admission into the same school the actress' daughters are enrolled in saying: 

My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!

"No Advice For Those Ladies": Stars Continue To Bash Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin For College Admissions ScandalGetty Images / Ideal Image

Speaking to US Weekly at the Time 100 Gala, the Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge co-host refused to share any wisdom with Loughlin and Huffman saying: “No advice for those ladies."


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Award-winning actress, Julia Roberts commenting on the scandal told ITV

That to me is so sad because I feel, from an outsider, that it says a little bit, ‘I don’t have enough faith in you. My husband, Danny Moder and I are very aligned on that front.

The latest news on the scandal

Full House actress and her husband are part of seventeen parents asking to see the prosecutor’s evidence in the college admission scandal.


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According to a motion filed, the defendants have not received any of the evidence, the government indicated in its discovery as "extremely voluminous." 

Ahead of the next scheduled hearing, the legal counsel of the parents has also requested any major decisions to be suspended until they can thoroughly review the prosecution's findings.


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