64-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Turns Heads In A Seductive Metallic Dress With A Plunging Neckline

Date January 31, 2019 14:38

Christie Brinkley is such a gorgeous woman that nobody can resist her charms. Even Donald Trump. The supermodel revealed that the American leader tried to seduce her while being married to his first wife, Ivana.


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Well, looking at Brinkley, it’s quite understandable that many men would try to make advances on her. Even now, at 64 years old, she looks just as jaw-droppingly beautiful as she did when she graced the cover of a magazine for the first time.

Brinkley turns heads in New York

Recently, the supermodel arrived in New York to visit a TV studio ahead of her 65th birthday, which is on February 2. Brinkley showed off her ageless beauty as she stepped out in an eye-catching metallic purple dress.


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The stunning number featured a plunging neckline and a daring slit at the front. The show-stopper is believed to be a Burberry creation. The dress accentuated Christie’s tiny waist and drew attention to her other prominent body part.


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Brinkley teamed up her look with a bold red coat and velvet shoes in a matching color. She smiled brightly for the cameras and waved to her fans that gathered in front of the building.


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We still can’t fathom how she managed to look so good in her 60s! For those who are like us, Brinkley shared a few of her secrets.

Ageless beauty

When talking to Elle, the supermodel said that she loves going to the gym and particularly likes “biking things.” She also said that she has been exfoliating her face every morning for the past 40 years.


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Brinkley also always wears sun protection and drinks lots of water. When it comes to makeup, she likes to keep it simple and always checks it in the natural light.


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In Christie’s views, if a woman feels confident about how she looks, she has won half the battle And a healthy lifestyle will help her with that.

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