53-Year-Old Elizabeth Hurley Showcases Her Phenomenal Body In Barely-There Bikini

Date January 30, 2019 17:24

Looking at Elizabeth Hurley, it might seem that she froze in age. The actress always had a stunning figure, but it hasn’t changed even a bit after so many years.


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Even after giving birth to her only child, son Damian Charles Hurley, Elizabeth has stayed the same, just added a bit more glow to her complexion.


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Now, at 53-years-old, the British model proves that age has no limits as she shows off her awe-worthy body, which most of the girls in their 20s would be jealous of.

The beach goddess

Liz Hurley quite often turns heads with her sensational photos. And this time she declared that she is the queen of beachwear by posting a few jaw-dropping snaps where she dons a tiny “honey” bikini.


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Hurley looked nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous but we couldn’t take our eyes off her incredible figure. The 53-year-old’s dreamy body is surely the subject of envy for many!

The barely-there bikini, which is decorated with gold chain detailing, perfectly demonstrated the English beauty’s phenomenal physique as she lounges by the beach on what seems like a relaxing holiday.


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But how she manages to look like that at her age? The actress shared her routine with WomensHealth and revealed that she wakes up around 7:30 in the morning and does squats while she brushes her teeth.


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After breakfast, Hurley takes her two dogs for a 30-minute morning walk and that’s basically it!


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The actress admits she also enjoys yoga and Pilates but she doesn’t always have time for it. We are pretty sure there is more to this but maybe she’ll share her secrets in the future.

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