"Baby Shaq" Is One Quarter Closer To His Dream, And His Father Shaquille Can't Feel Happier About It

Date June 8, 2018

Shareef O’Neil made it to the second quarter of his life. The 18-year-old son of the greatest basketball player celebrated his graduation ceremony with thunderous ovations from his mates and fans.

Following his father’s steps, Shareef has already made an MVP season in his 18. His accurate three-point shots and immaculate leadership skills allowed him to become one of the greatest at such young age. He continues his father’s credo: monster on the court, nice in real life:

A lot of people probably learned in school to treat others the way you want to be treated. I just saw how my dad treated people with respect. I wanted to be like him.

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Shareef is slowly working towards his ultimate success. He has recently graduated from Crossroads School (Santa Monica, California) where he gathered the standing ovations from the public. His father, of course, was unbelievably proud of the son, sharing his success on Instagram.

Shareef is a perfect example of the celebrity kid. His famous father is currently shading the young basketball player; however, the Baby Shaq looks forward to getting rid of the Shaq’s son title:

My name is not Shaquille O'Neal for a reason. It's Shareef O'Neal because he wants me to be my own person.

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His next step in UCLA. Shareef knows what he does and wants to stay close to his home. That is why he chose the best college ever.