Chilly Congratulation For Ivana Trump From Her Daughter: Ivanka Failed To Be Original

On International Mother’s Day, Ivanka Trump honored her mother in quite a weird way. The 36-year-old Donald’s daughter thanked Ivana for being so amazing, particularly complimenting her skiing skills.

Mother’s Day is a perfect chance to say the sincerest words of gratitude to the closest person in your life. Celebrities never miss the chance to share another honoring post on their social accounts. 

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This year, Ivanka Trump decided to be original and, instead of posting a photo with her mother and congratulating her on the special occasion, made the public feel a bit embarrassed with her wishes.


The honoring post didn’t mention how caring or tender Ivana is. The eldest of Trump’s kids decided to focus on her mother’s slopes skills and shared a photo of young former Mrs. Trump on skis in a fabulous silver sports outfit:


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother and the best skier I know! Love you 💕 #MothersDay

Публикация от Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump)

The post was definitely meant to be original. However, in reality, it looked more like a birthday congratulation.

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The online users were frustrated with what Ivanka decided to tribute in one of the most significant days for her mother. The comments to the post stated one simple thing: Ivana Trump deserved much more than her daughter mentioned in her post:

How nice… but I’m sure she has some pretty amazing attributes as a mother than just being the best skier. You are who you are because of her. She deserves more honor. Happy Mothers Day all!

That’s a pretty lame tribute to the best mother.

Why is there no comment about how your mom rasied you 3 after you dad left with Marla? I mean Don jr made it clear it was you mom who picked up the slack when he was at hills.That probably made you the people you are today!

Even though Ivanka’s congratulation was far from the ideal, we all guess her mom was thankful to her for such sincere words. It doesn’t matter what you say – it is all about the attention you pay.

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