Melania Publishes A New Pamphlet On Childrens Online Safety Which Looks Suspiciously Similar To Michelle's Booklet

Melania Trump released an inspiring pamphlet on kids’ cyberbullying as a part of her brand new initiative, Be Best. However, with the ironic twist of fate, the guide looks pretty much the same as Michelle Obama’s Chatting With Kids About Being Online.

Independent road

While Donald Trump is busy with dealing with the "storm," nuclear misunderstandings, and other relevant issues, Melania decided to forge her own way towards the desired goal.


Her newest initiative, Be Best, is aimed at helping children understand the peculiarities of the modern world as well as educate them about the main problems they might face today.

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This is what Melania announced to the reporters during the recent Rose Garden visit on May 7.

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Newest or repeated?

Her latest impact in the issue featured a published pamphlet Talking With Kids About Being Online discussing several significant problems on cyberbullying and internet behavior in general.


However, the thing is that America had already witnessed almost exactly similar work previously. In 2014, Michelle Obama published a booklet called Chatting With Kids About Being Online as a part of 2014 Federal Trade Commission.


Not only do two guides have a similar name, but the contents are also repeated with a small difference: Melania begins her pamphlet with and educating lesson and ends it with the information about Be Best.


Trump’s administration didn’t hurry with the explanations. However, they soon discussed why the two works look similar:

Melania Trump’s ‘Talking With Kids About Being Online’ booklet was re-branded from the former Trade Commission booklet called ‘Chatting With Kids About Being Online’.



Melania's role

Even though the public might be slightly concerned about the plagiarism issue, it doesn’t diminish Melania’s love towards kids.

Similarly to Michelle, the current First Lady does her best to make an impact on the main children’s problems and tries to solve them in any way possible, even if it is necessary to reprint Obama’s work.

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