John Travolta Took The Stage During A Performance By 50 Cent To Show Off Some Fresh Dance Moves

Date July 17, 2018

John Travolta is no stranger to dance floors

In fact, he is quite a confident dancer. Since the beginning of his movie career, Travolta has appeared in various dancing scenes in such movie hits like "Saturday Night Fever," "Stayin' Alive," and even the legendary "Pulp Fiction." He even danced with Princess Diana once! 

When he dances in public, Travolta likes to mimic the iconic dance moves from his movies, which many fans quickly recognize. However, as we will show you in this post, sometimes he just improvises, expressing his feelings at that particular moment.


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Travolta showed that he still has style at an after-party during the Cannes Film Festival

John Travolta might be 64 years old, but it looks like his soul is as young as ever! This year, he is back at the Cannes Film Festival to present his new movie, "Gotti". After the main event was over, he attended an after-party dedicated to his film's premiere.

There, wearing a sleek suit and a stylish beard, Travolta went onto the main stage to jam with 50 Cent. Check out those moves! 


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Still popular after all these years

It is fair to say that both John Travolta and 50 Cent still have a good bit of fire left in them. Even though they rose to popularity many years ago, they remain very comfortable on stage and are able to put on quite of a show, as can be seen from the video. The crowd is clearly very excited to see the two perform. We hope they will continue sharing their charisma and creativity with others!


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As you can see, no matter your age, it is possible to remain classy and elegant, continuing to impress everyone around you. We think John Travolta is a great example of that.

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