Sarah Jessica Parker Knows Much About A Headdress. This Time, She Outdid Herself!

Date May 8, 2018

This year, Sarah Jessica Parker surprised everybody by having a very unusual outfit at the 2018 Met Gala. She appeared at the red carpet with a larger-than-life Neapolitan nativity scene on her head. She definitely gave a new meaning to the words crowning glory.


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Before the event, she said:

The accessories world is like an endless possibility, but it has to feel like it’s suitable. I don’t try to make decisions based on what might get attention or be controversial or use it just to use it. I think of it as connection from head to toe—and sometimes a headpiece really feels right.



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This year, the exhibition was dedicated to the influence of Catholicism on the fashion industry.

Dolce & Gabbana designers spent months working on this project. Parker said:

The theme is particularly meaningful to [Stefano and Dolce]. With the theme, you want to be thoughtful about it. And some themes carry more weight than others.


Photos prove that Sarah Jessica Parker was the queen of the evening! All cameras were on her, and it was hard not to notice how beautiful she is!


Good job, Sarah Jessica Parker!

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Sarah Jessica Parker