"Now House Sounds Like A Spa!" Chrissy Teigen Shows How Her Daughter Plays A Pink Harp

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s little daughter Luna is now 2 years old and full of curiosity and energy. The baby girl is in full exploration mode: she tried driving a car and even playing a harp!

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Luna will have a brother!

Chrissy Teigen is a proud mother and a loving wife. She decided to fully devote herself to her baby Luna. The model even thought to get rid of some of the pre-pregnancy clothes in favor of something more mature, especially now, when she is expecting the second child with her husband, John Legend.

Joke or not?

Recently, Chrissy complained a bit about her nose gaining weight because of the pregnancy. INSIDER took an opportunity to make a whole article about this natural process and used an arrow to point out the location of Chrissy’s nose in the photo. The reaction was inevitable.

One of the followers decided to help with the problem:

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Little Luna's perfect childhood

Luna probably doesn’t get the joke about her mommy’s nose, but she is most certainly looking forward to having a little brother.

She is even washing her little car to ride it with her “bro.” The mother jokes that she has a jersey shore baby.

Luna was captured playing a cute little harp. Is she learning one of her daddy’s songs? The pink harp and Luna are the most adorable combination. The girl is about to become a famous musician and drop her first album.


very soothing. house sounds like a spa. 4 stars would recommend

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We wish the family health and happiness. We hope that Chrissy will safely deliver her healthy son!

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