Emma Thompson Revealed Why She Wore Trainers At Buckingham Palace To Meet Prince William!

Date November 20, 2018 10:07

An honorary entitlement is one of the most prestigious achievements in one's life. While receiving it, common etiquette suggests being formal and appropriate. But Emma Thompson silently says, 'Darn it!'


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The internet went crazy over Emma's footwear choice as she accepted damehood from Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace. She donned a teal pantsuit by Stella McCartney. Emma did things her way by wearing casual trainers, mixing a casual sporty look with her smart outfit. The debateable trainers are Stella McCartney Stan Smiths and retail at $325. They were launched last month, so these were right on trend when she attended the occasion in November.

Why she chose a comfy look

Dame Emma Thompson had no idea she stirred such controversy over her cool careless ensemble. She was chatting away during the famous podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, when asked why she leaned towards such a casual style. 


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Emma seemed surprised why anyone would even bother. Then she revealed that they are no ordinary shoes, but a very luxurious pair. In her version of events, there was no way she would have gone for them if they weren't up to royal standards. As she revealed to Hello!:

But they were posh trainers. Was there a lot of controversies? About whether it was appropriate? Oh that's so interesting… They were Vegan trainers. Stella McCartney, Stan Smith trainers.


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To her defense, the Duchess of Sussex wore the same kind of shoes during her and Prince Harry's recent New Zealand tour. So, apparently, her decision was totally reaching royal grade to meet her cozy foot needs. Turn up the PJs!

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People loved the look

Emma revealed the truth behind it, we are thankful. But she didn't need to explain that. Social media users already sided with her swaggy attire. They loved her selection and politely recommended alternatives, as well!

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