Never Even Met Him! Grandson Of The Legendary Steve McQueen Tells How He Felt After Watching His Documentary

Date November 15, 2018

Steve McQueen boasted his ruggedly handsome looks in The Great Escape (1963) and The Towering Inferno (1974), which made him a heartthrob of his era. He was both the bad guy and the hero. His versatility made the cameras love him, reflecting his global popularity.


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Steven R. McQueen, named after his famous grandfather, has made quite a place in Hollywood himself. The genes worked wonders on him, in both looks and talent. He is striving hard to live up to his grandpa's standards, soaking the light of his shadow that he was born under. 


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His roles such as Jeremy Gilbert in Vampire Diaries and Jimmy Borelli in Chicago Fire were incomparably charismatic. He joined the 4th season of Chicago Fire series as a new candidate at Firehouse 51. His character made a dramatic entrance on his first day at work to impress Chief Boden and the audiences. There is no denying that he did take after a lot from his renowned ancestry. A dashing substitute for our generation!


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His feelings after watching celebrated grandpa's documentary

Steven was honored to watch his grandfather's documentary, I Am Steven McQueen. It is no small thing to realize that he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. So, the Vampire Diaries star was bound to be overwhelmed and feel proud.

Never Even Met Him! Grandson Of The Legendary Steve McQueen Tells How He Felt After Watching His Documentarygettyimages

Growing up, he never knew much about him as he was homeschooled. He then found posters around the house and started watching McQueen's movies which later inspired him to give acting a shot himself. 


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After watching Mr. McQueen's recently released biographical movie, Steven described his feeling to Wet Paint:

It was cool to see younger pictures of my dad with his dad and to kind of hear some of the stories that I had absolutely never heard before. And hear some stories from my grandmother and just other people whose life he had affected or touched. It was really cool.

Audiences surely didn't know from where he got his mighty bundle of on-screen presence. He was born under the hood of awesomeness. How incredible is that! 

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Facts about steven McQueen

Watching his documentary is another adventure but let's get prepped up with some unknown facts about Steven McQueen and his legacy first.

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