Miraculous Postpartum Weight Loss! Model Jenna Jameson's Amazing Transformation After Giving Birth Is Major Lady Goals!

Date October 9, 2018 16:47

Losing fat has been an ordeal for women as far as the history takes us. But some celebrities are riding against the tides with true determination. Such is an inspiring transformation of Jenna Jameson who triumphed over pounds of stubborn fat! 

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Her unbelievable transformation

Proud Jenna shared her miraculous journey through weight loss after having a baby. She shares about her ongoing struggle of cutting carbs. Her workout routine, diet plans, and constant struggle through cravings were all set on display in her posts.


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She captioned:

I'm happy about my beautiful body but I'm more proud to be a mother now.


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She advocated that we all mothers are alike. Our challenges of body image and social standards implemented to us are the same. Her motivation for being your best self at any phase of life is quite impressive!


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People reactions

Social media users loved her new look and her determination. The before and after photos were a wonder for them to look at. Astonishing, miraculous and breathtaking!

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Jenna's family

She lost weight for her own satisfaction which is the most incredible part of her transformation. Her family loves her through and through. Jenna Jameson is a happy and healthy mother of two adorable kids. All of her focus is centered at them.


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Women should be loved and appreciated at each phase of their life. Whether they change for the better or struggle through motherhood. Please share this to preach self-love and care!

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