David Beckham Is On Vacation With His Buddies, But Wife Victoria Is Not With Him

Date July 2, 2018

Retired football player David Beckham decided to take a vacation to Iceland last weekend with his friend, "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" director, Guy Ritchie. Surprisingly, he did not travel with his wife, Victoria Beckham. This particular trip was a men’s affair. Beckham shared this picture on Instagram of himself by the shore with some of his fishing buddies.


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Clearly he was having a lot of fun, as his cheerful smile and caption said it all.

What a trip is all I have to say... Beautiful country, beautiful people, hospitality was possibly the best we have all had thanks to @thorbjorgolfsson ... PERFECT.

Victoria seems to have her hands full preparing for the big day. According to Hello!, she spent most of Wednesday last week shopping for their anniversary. Not wanting to leave the fans out of the celebration, she even shared video of herself on Instagram showing off her dress for date night.


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The post has been viewed more than 1.5 million times already, and her fans are totally pumped up. And the comments are still flooding in. Who says she can’t have a little fun when her man is away?

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Fishing in Iceland is not a new thing for David. In 2016, he paid a visit to the country with the rest of the family, and he went fishing just outside of Reykjavík.


Salmon is quite popular in the region, and judging from the pictures he shared, it looks like David is far from being a greenhorn. Maybe, he will even take some of the fish home for dinner in London. Fingers crossed.

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