Did The Duchess Of Sussex Break Royal Protocol With Her Panama Hat At Wimbledon?

Date July 17, 2018

Many people have that one favorite piece in their wardrobe that never seems to fade away. And while some see it as a fashion faux pas, there is no denying that even royals often hold on to stuff from their wardrobe. And the newly minted Duchess of Sussex is one of them.


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Before she got married to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had a particularly different style that made her stand out. And although her wardrobe began changing after the engagement announcement, she held on to one particular item from her wardrobe. Her favorite panama hat.


While it is still a pretty simple affair, the duchess has worn it on several occasions. She wore the same hat to the Wimbledon Championship in 2016 as well as the ATX Television Festival.


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Now, it seems like the duchess may have broken one more rule at the annual event, and it is even more glaring now that she has joined the royal family. Sun hats are generally frowned upon at Wimbledon because they have a tendency to obstruct viewing. But the duchess came along with her panama.


Some critics have taken it up as another act of disregard of royal traditions, but the fans of the duchess do not seem to mind much.

Even before she became a royal, the Duchess of Sussex was greatly admired for her fashion sense. Granted her choice of outfits may stray from royal guidelines to great extents on some occasion. However, she presents a refreshing look that many fans seem to appreciate.

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