Very Pregnant Pippa Middleton Goes Furniture Shopping With Husband, James Matthews

Two days ago, Pippa Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband, James Matthews, began moving furniture from their rented apartment into their very own home. The couple have owned the property since 2014, but ongoing renovations prevented them from moving in.

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Later during the day, the couple was spotted furniture shopping in London’s Chelsea neighborhood. Sources close to the family say that renovations included a nursery for the new baby. We can only assume that the couple is also shopping for furniture for their baby’s room as well.

In June this year, Middleton shared a column in Waitrose where she gave tips on staying fit and healthy to pregnant women in their third trimester. Her recommendation for exercise includes cushion squeezes, arm rotations with bands, double armband pulls, and seated upper back rows.

Middleton is also big on swimming. She says it helps reduce the pressure and weightiness many pregnant women feel as they inch closer to their delivery dates.

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As the months pass, you feel heavier by the day, but being in water gives that floating, light-as-air feeling that soothes and relieves the body, counteracts increased back strain, and stretches the legs from the growing bump.

Clearly, the exercise is working wonders for her body, and Pippa's fans cannot help but gush over her sweltering physique on Instagram.

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Pippa Middleton is due sometime in October, so the couple has more than a month or so to get the new house in order. Fingers crossed, we all might get a peek inside the residence someday.

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