"Loose Women" Host, Stacey Solomon, Will Grab A Little Nap Just About Anywhere, Even On A Train


July 3, 2018 15:45 By Fabiosa

Loose Women panelist Stacey Solomon has come a long way from her singing days on X Factor. Now a mother of two sons, Zachary, 9, and Leighton, 5, she splits her time between everyday family life and work with her partner, former EastEnders actor Joe Swash.


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According to the Irish Examiner, life was quite different for Solomon before she met Swash in 2015.

...it’s transformed my life. When we met in 2015, I’d given up on men, I thought I was done, and I was quite happy to be alone with my sons.


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Solomon added that Swash made her feel comfortable in her skin. He did not even seem to mind some of her not-so-cute habits and would stick up for her even in situations where she was clearly at fault.

I think that’s probably the reason I found Joe – because I was really content and I wasn’t looking for someone to complete me. I’m really happy with him – at the moment, I do think he is ‘Mr Right’.

Like many women, Solomon has had her fair share of trouble with body image issues. But she has learned to embrace the reality that people are just built differently. The most important thing for her is staying healthy. And she has no problems showing off her luscious curves on Instagram in her bikini.


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The 28-year-old has her hands busy most of the time with her boys and work, but she also takes time out to relax. And sometimes, she catches a few winks in the oddest of places.

I’ll have a powernap during the day while the kids are ice skating. ... Honestly, I can’t tell you how regenerated I feel about a 30 minute sleep. If I’m traveling somewhere, I’ll often fall asleep on the way. Mouth wide open…


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Seeing as Solomon is still quite a big fan of public transportation for obvious reasons, do not be surprised if you catch her all sprawled out and snoozed in the corner of a cab en-route work. With so much to do, she admits that she will occasionally catch whatever sleep she can to get her batteries recharged. Hopefully, her me-time does not make her miss a stop one of these days.


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Being a mother of two growing boys can be tough. But, thankfully, even with the occasional bouts of sleep deprivation, Solomon still cherishes the moments she shares with her boys.


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She is currently an ambassador for #FilmsWithFeels campaign and says it provides her with more reason to relax with the boys.

Sometimes, I just want to switch off, and watching certain movies helps me do that. On a Sunday afternoon, you know you have work on the Monday, everyone is bathed, fed, and in their pjs, and we can just relax.

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