“The Only Thing I Have Done Wrong”: President Trump Slammed On Twitter For Bragging About 2016 Election Win

Date August 23, 2018

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump shared a new tweet about his 2016 Presidential Election win. For starters, he took a swipe at former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Trump suggested the negative attention he is receiving is because he won the election many people expected his opponent to win.

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In addition, he suggested that Hillary Clinton lost because she did not open up her campaign to the entire country. Clinton enjoyed massive support during the elections and even won the popular vote. However, Trump clinched victory thanks to the Electoral College votes.


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Ever since taking office, President Trump has doubled down on this mantra, even taking direct swipes at Clinton and former president Barack Obama. Two months ago, he shared a composite video on Instagram with both Clinton and Obama giving reasons why Trump as president was not a good idea.

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The second part of the video showed several news clips outlining progress President Trump recorded in his first 500 days in office to prove his point.


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While many pro-Trump supporters still hold on to their positions, some Americans are outraged at the all-out assaults the President launched on Clinton and Democrats.

Many Americans have accused President Trump of being more divisive than accommodating, and his new tweet supports this. His approach to government has been quite aggressive, so much that even members of his administration have expressed concern.

With new elections around the corner, nobody is sure how much President Trumps’ attitude towards the opposition will change. But if his tweets are anything to go by, it is unlikely much will change.

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