Victoria Beckham Explains Why Her Family Was Absent On Her First Fashion Shows

Date September 20, 2018 19:58

Fashion mogul Victoria Beckham usually has her family watching from the sidelines during her fashion shows. This month, they showed up at her London Fashion Week debut. Beckham is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her brand that is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise.


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The Beckham clan was not always around

Once upon a time, the Beckhams weren't an obvious part of Victoria's fashion shows. In fact, they probably missed out on about half of the early shows, and for good reason. In her new interview for Refinery29, Victoria said she intentionally kept her family away so that the public could focus on the brand and her work instead of her family and their celebrity status.

I just kept my head down, worked hard, and always made it about the product and the customer, rather than about me as a celebrity. It was quite a few seasons before I came out at the end of the show, and my family didn’t attend the first few seasons. I really wanted it to be about the clothes and nothing else.

Many observers expected the Victoria Beckham brand to be a flash-in-the-pan, and she had to work hard to prove them wrong. Taking up the role as tcreative director came with challenges, but thankfully, Victoria Beckham had a lot of support from her husband David Beckham and her children.

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Of course, there is no denying that her work speaks for itself. Her Spring/Summer 2019 collection has gotten high praise from fashion critics. It’s a long way from her signature cinched-waist outfits from years ago.

How did she get this successful?

Speaking with Glamour magazine UK at the LFW, Beckham gave her millions of fans some advice of becoming successful in the world of fashion.

I’ve surrounded myself with the right people, I have been very honest, I have been focused.

Victoria may be a celebrity, but she still acknowledges the fact that teamwork makes a world of difference. Congratulations to her on her stunning London Fashion Week debut. We know her family is very proud of her.

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