Aaaaw! Prince Charles Shared This Delightful Photo With His Adorable Little Friend

Date September 10, 2018

As a part of his celebration of National Wildlife Day on September 4, Clarence House shared this delightful photo of Prince Charles. However, the real attraction in this picture is his hairy little friend โ€“ a little red squirrel posing in front of two wooden buckets.

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The little creature looked like he was eager to meet the Prince, and even struck a pose of his own. It's not everyday that one get to take photos with the Prince of Wales. Lucky squirrel.

Prince Charles is the Patron of Wildlife Trusts in the UK. The organization consists of 46 charities championing the cause of wildlife and preservation of species. Together, they maintain about 2,300 nature reserves in the UK.

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Royal fans cannot help but compliment Prince Charles, who's not often seen in this light, despite the fact he's still one of the most popular members of the royal family.

He is a nature lover

Prince Charles has always been a big fan of nature. The work on his Highgrove Garden estate began garden in 1980, and the Prince is quite proud of the garden grounds.

Back in July, he participated in the worldโ€™s biggest butterfly count right from his own garden. He also contributes a significant amount of money to other charities and organizations that are concerned about saving the environment.

Prince Charles in his gardengettyimages

Little Prince George has already taken a liking to nature, and he loves to play in his grandpaโ€™s garden. It will not be surprising if he eventually steps into Prince Charlesโ€™ nature-loving shoes.

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Prince Charles