Blonde Bombshells: Could This Be The New Face Of The Kardashian Sisterhood Or Just Another Fashion Phase?

Date August 20, 2018 12:23

It seems like blonde bob is the new fad for the Kardashians, as Kylie and Khloe have adopted the standout look. Early this month, Khloe shared this selfie showing off her new look with a Dru Hill reference. Is she channeling her inner Sisqo?


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Can Dru Hill make another album? I miss R & B music

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Five days ago, Kylie shared her own snapshot, sporting her blonde locks in a long bob, just like her elder sister. There is no telling if the girls planned it, but with the new hair color, they do look a lot alike. Some fans even say the girls could pass for twins.


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Are the Kardashians starting a silent hair revolution that has not yet been televised? Who is next to go blonde, Kim? Kylie turned 21 on August 10, and she does look a bit different with her dark hair in this throwback photo with Kim.

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Bobs are the new thing now in hairstyle, as many celebrities have joined the bandwagon. Kim is already sporting what has become the most popular summer look with her cropped bob, although her hair is still the usual dark color.

For most stylists, keeping edges sharp provided the definition, needed to make these cuts stand out, irrespective of the hair color, and the fad is spreading fast. Some commentators on social media are seriously thinking about getting their haircut sooner than later.

What summer hairstyle are you rocking? Short hair can be very comfortable, especially with the heat, and even if you do not fancy the blonde look, a regular bob like the one Kim got could do.

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