Dads Rock! Joanna Gaines Reminds Fans How Important Fathers Are With A Cute Photo Of Chip And Crew

Date September 20, 2018 16:02

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines always has new delightful pictures to share with her fans, especially now she has little Crew in the mix. Earlier this month, she shared this snapshot of the cute child at the doctors for a weigh-in.

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The most adorable part was her comment that was a clear reminder of how dads can be a big part of raising newborn babies. Proud dad Chip Gaines was standing over the smiling baby and looking quite at home while the doctor got ready and Joanna could not help but share this special moment.

As always, her army of fans have nothing but the nicest things to say about the picture and Chip. If there were any celebrity gunning for the dad-of-the-year, it would be Chip.

Joanna often talks about how much support she receives from her husband and how little Crew gets comfortable with him.

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Baby boom

Joanna and Chip were delighted to discover they were expecting another baby just after they ended shoot for their famous show. Managing four children came with its fair share of drama, but it was not enough to get them disenchanted about having a fifth.


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Along came Chip, and the family is still as loving and caring as they have always been, with the addition of diaper duty, of course. Over the years, the Gaines discovered that communication is the key to maintaining a healthy family.


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In spite of their busy schedules, they always make time for their children and remain involved in their everyday life. The older children also take turns caring for their little brother now. There is no telling if Crew will be the last Gaines baby, but even if he is not, we bet the next one will still get a lot of love.

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