Love Much? Serena Williams Gushes Over Baby Alexis As She Shares An Inspiring Post About Breastfeeding

Date July 24, 2018 16:28

Doctors often advise nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies mostly due to the immense health benefits. However, exclusive breastfeeding is a choice. For some mothers, it is a matter they may not have control over.

Take Serena Williams, for example. After giving birth to her baby, Alexis Olympia, she shared her concerns about giving up breastfeeding. She had to make the tough choice because of the weight gain, which affected her chances of getting back in shape for work.


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Williams may not have won a Wimbledon title this year but she remains an inspiration for women around the world. In a post that she has shared earlier today, she spoke about how she found it hard to let go of her baby. And yes, it seems like she is back to breastfeeding again.

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Being a new mother can be a tough experience, especially when you have to tango with a demanding career. Thankfully, Williams gets as much support from her fans as she motivates them. Several moms have already responded to the tweet, which has gotten more than 7 thousand likes and 278 retweets.

There is no wrong or right time to stop breastfeeding, as the choice is influenced by various circumstances. Whatever the case may be, the wellbeing of a baby is a priority, since their future health is determined in the early stages of life. And most of all, these precious moments strengthen the bond between a mother and a baby.

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