"My Family Is The Worst": Mother-Of-Two Casey Solomon Gets Buried In Sand During Her Summer Vacation


August 22, 2018 18:17 By Fabiosa

Loose Women host Stacey Solomon got a sandy surprise on her summer vacation when members of her family decided to play a trick on her. Just as she settled down for some sunny TLC, they dragged her away and buried her in the sand.

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Solomon shared a clip of the hilarious incident that one member of the family recorded on her Instagram stories with the caption "My family are the worst." Later on, she added the word “pointless,” but we think her family members had a point there. Sand is fun.

willows_den / Instagram

The 28-year-old was holidaying with her two sons at an undisclosed location, and they clearly had a lot of fun. Being a working mum comes with its challenges, but Solomon has no trouble handling them as they come.


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Recently, she revealed that taking care of her boys was a bit exhausting, so much so she would catch naps just about anywhere she could, even on a train to work. Nevertheless, she has embraced her life with her sons and is far from complaining.


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Back in July, she shared this endearing post on Twitter, revealing to fans that she actually cried when her son lost his first tooth because she was not there.

Thankfully, Solomon is not alone, as some fans have chipped in their own stories about raising children.

The life of a child is filled with many memorable moments, some that parents cannot help but miss. Solomon may have missed the first tooth, but who knows, she could catch the next one. We wonder what the tooth fairy will have in store for the little boy this time, though.

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