John Legend Gushes About Wife Chrissy Tiegen In New Pics, Calling Her "My Glow Queen"

Date July 13, 2018 16:39

If there is one thing that the singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Tiegen have in common, it is the absolute joy they find in telling the world how they feel about each other. While Legend is quite the romantic, Tiegen has always been rather cheeky.


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Even so, the attraction between the duo is evident when they speak about each other and their relationship. Being parents also is a big part of the reason why they appear so close even in public, and the couple is just as particular about loving their children.

Back in May, Legend shared this beautiful photo of him and his wife in three different snapshots. While the picture may not have been anything out of the ordinary for the always affectionate couple, it was Legend’s simple, but heartwarming comment that got fans weepy with joy.


My glow queen. #BeccaXChrissy

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When you are a Grammy Award winner and have a catalogue of songs under your belt that can make just about any woman swoon, lines as simple as “my glow queen” are probably all you need to make butterflies fly free. We can only imagine how Tiegen felt when she saw the Instagram post. Aaaaaaaw.

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As close as the couple is, their relationship is still quite quirky. In February, Tiegen appeared on The Ellen Show and played a little game with host Ellen DeGeneres. Apparently, there is only so much about Legend that Tiegen knows. Who would have thought?

Many Hollywood-type celebrities find it hard to manage their private life, public personas, and careers without conflict. Legend and Tiegen seem to have their lives going pretty well. And it may not be unrelated to the fact that they are both engaged in different industries: Legend being into music while Tiegen working in the make-up industry.

Either way, fans love them and always look forward to delightful posts on Instagram like this one.

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