What Are The Odds? Comedian Steve Martins Says His Wife Looks A Lot Like Tina Fey

Date July 19, 2018

Comedian Steve Martin and his signature gray hair have been a regular feature on television for several decades. However, long before he was selling out seats in theaters, Martin was a king of stand-up comedy. In 1981, he famously hung his boots and started his adventure in the world of film.


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In the mid-2000’s he met his current wife, Anne Stringfield. She was a fact checker at New Yorker at the time and was assigned the task of checking a comedy piece he was working on. Before their meeting, the couple spoke on the phone for almost a year. They eventually tied the knot in 2007.


While the comedian keeps his private life out of the press, he often appears in public with his shy wife. Although she is not much of a celebrity herself, she has gotten a lot of attention for a peculiar reason, her resemblance to another celebrity.

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It turns out that Stringfield looks a lot like Tina Fey. During a speech Fey gave at the 43rd American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in Los Angeles, she noted how much Stringfield resembled her. Oddly, Martin was unaware of the resemblance until Fey pointed it out.


In a 2015, issue of PEOPLE, Martin confessed that he got to see the resemblance between his wife and Fey only after she pointed it out saying emphatically

She does look like my wife!

Looking at the pictures of both women side by side there is no denying the subtle similarities in their features. Both women have similar jawlines and when seen in profile, one could easily pass for the other.


You probably would not catch Stringfield on stage telling jokes like Fey or acting as a doppelganger. Do you think the women look alike?

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