Comedians Steve Martin And Martin Short Are Back On The Road With New Comedy Show

Date July 20, 2018 13:05

Comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short have been in the business of laughter for longer than some new kids on the block have been alive. With a friendship dating back about 32 years, the duo remains icons of an age of comedy that was light-hearted and honest.


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Their performance alongside Chevy Chase in the 1986 film, “Three Amigos” is still one of their most memorable. Unlike many other actors who disconnect once a project is over, the duo held on to their friendship and are still as comfortable with each other as they were so long ago.


While both men are equally successful in their own rights, they have no problem at all trading jokes about who earns more. In a recent GQ interview, Short even suggested that Martin earned much more than him, comparing their earnings to that of Desi Arnaz and Fred Mertz. Arnaz played the role of Ricky Ricardo in American sitcom “I Love Lucy” and earned a lot more than his co-star.

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After a long hiatus from the big screen, the duo is back with a brand new show going on tour to three locations in Southern California. The project was born after Martin and Short interviewed each other on stage during the Just for Laughs festival in Chicago.


According to Short, they had so much fun after their collaboration they decided to produce their own show, so the fun could continue. In addition, he relishes the thought of working on stage with other artists, although he has been on the road alone for a while.

It was always more comfortable for me doing something with somebody, and the reaction is funnier than the action. Playing off someone, that’s the most fun, I think.

The first show is billed to take place at the Pacific Amphitheatre, 100 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa on July 20. Tickets for the first show are already sold out, but fans of the duo have the chance to purchase re-sale tickets.

On August 24 they perform at Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage. The final is on August 25 at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula.

Fans of the duo have been eagerly waiting for the chance to see both comedians on stage again and now they have it. There is no telling if Martin and Short plan to take the show to other locations, but we expect them to share the details in good time.

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