Khloe Shares Another Stunning Picture Of Sister Kim With A Heartwarming Comment

Date July 17, 2018

The Kardashian clan has always been a closely knit unit, especially the sisters. Over the years they have supported each other through troubling relationships, good times and bad. And they are never shy of showing each other how much they care.

Kim shared a delightful message on Instagram celebrating sister Khloe’s 34th birthday two weeks ago. And the sisters were not alone. Joining them for the snapshot were cuties True and Chicago.

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With the new generation starting to totter, the Kardashian sisters are even closer than ever and work hard to make sure their children also forge healthy relationships.

Trust the sisters to gush about each other on their social media handles. On Monday, Khloe shared this collage of her sister Kim on Instagram. The photo was taken at the Beauty Con in Los Angeles last week and featured Kim in a classy an off-shoulder top and shorts, all in black.

Even husband and hip-hop guru Kanye couldn’t help but get a word in to celebrate his stunning wife.

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Khloe is not the only one gushing about Kim. Kardashian fans continue to share and like the picture on Twitter.

If there was ever need for proof about the relationship between the Kardashian sisters, Instagram and Twitter probably would say it all.

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