Singer Sade Adu's Only Child Braved The Odds In His Journey To Becoming Transgender

Date July 19, 2018

British Nigerian singer and songwriter Sade gained international attention in 1984 with the release of her debut album, “Diamond Life.” With over six million records sold, she became one of the highest selling artists with a debut album in the 80’s.

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Her runaway success brought her band to the top of the charts and her 2010 album “Soldier of Love” won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a duo or group with vocals. She was listed in 2012 on VH1’s "100 Greatest Women In Music."gettyimages

While her music continues to enjoy a massive following, her personal life has been largely out of the news. But in 2016, her only child and daughter Mickailia “Ila” Adu announced that she was a transgender man.

Prior to the announcement, rumors circulated that the then 20-year-old was transitioning, but neither Mickailia nor her mother spoke about the issue to the press. However, before the announcement, it was common knowledge that Mickailia was lesbian.

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For ten years after Sade released her 2000 album “Lovers Rock,” she took time off to raise her child. There is no telling how early her daughter began questioning her sexuality but she may have been considering the sex change long before she announced her status.

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The journey has been far from easy but Mickailia eventually stayed the course and changed her name to Izaak and is now identified as a man.

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Fans of Sade and Izaak have been supportive on social media, some calling him “handsome” and even mentioning that he had his mother’s eyes.

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Izaak is one of many individuals opting for sex changes as a way out of their identity crisis. And while the journey is far from easy, with the support of family and friends it can be a lot easier to manage. And while Izaak is not a musician, he still dabbles in the arts, posting his sketches and drawings on Tumblr and Instagram on a regular basis.

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