Back Off! Kim Kardashian Responds To Shamers Who Called Her Out For Straightening North West's Hair

Date July 27, 2018 14:48

Kim Kardashian may have gotten her fair share of bashing in the news but one thing she is particular about is protecting her children from assault. Already, she has revealed that she is grooming her children to be confident and strong-willed as life can be quite unfair to celebrities.

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Being of the mixed-race gives her even more reason to educate her children about the need to be proud of who they are and how they look. To this end, she tries as much as possible to let her children mingle with members of the family on her side and that of husband, Kanye West.


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On Tuesday, Kim posted this picture of her daughter North West giving smiling dad Kanye a smooch. While the picture got over 160k likes, some commentators called out Kim for straightening her daughter’s hair.

Trust Kim to offer a response to her critics. She reportedly took down remarks that attacked her and gave a simple answer. Apparently, she only lets North West get her hair straightened twice a year. Besides then, she has her hair all natural and kinky.

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Most of Kim’s critics insist that straightening hair over time can cause hair damage and even hair loss. In addition, they believe that children are more likely to experience health complications due to the use of straightening products.

However, some other commentators insist that there are still products that cause little or no damage. A few mixed-race followers shared their straightening experience, saying that hair damage is not necessarily an inescapable outcome.

Kim still has a lot of support from her fans, and particularly from those of mixed-race. Her ability to take care of her children has never been questioned, we only expect that she will always do what she believes is best for her children.

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