Bellissima!: Hugh Jackman Looks Like He Had A Real Fun Time On Summer Vacation In Italy

Date August 6, 2018 14:36

Wolverine fans may love the silver-clawed and seemingly indestructible superhero to bits but in real life, Hugh Jackman is far from his TV persona. For several years, the actor has fought skin cancer and has to undergo regular checkups because of it.


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So far, Jackman has had six skin cancers excised from different parts of his body. The first one was in 2013. His wife noticed a funny looking mole on his nose and had him go see a doctor. It turned out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma.


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Growing up, Jackman never used sunscreen and suffered sunburn on numerous occasions. Now, he never steps out without full sunscreen protection and often has a hat as well. Despite his condition, the actor manages to stay optimistic and always has that signature smile on his face.


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This summer, the 49-year-old Australian took a trip to Italy and judging from the photos he shared on his Instagram, had a fantastic time. One of the most amazing photos he took was from a cliffside overlooking the bay with several boats in the background. What is a Jackman selfie without the smile?

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In this other picture, Jackman posed on the bow of a boat getting his tan on, we are sure lit loads of sunscreen. The views were simply magnificent and the comment on Jackman’s final picture sums up Italy in one word. Bellissima!!!  


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He may be well past his 40’s but Jackman is still a fan favorite. In 2008, he was named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. Between his rakish smile and disarming accent, it was only so long before he picked up the award.

Jackman announced his days playing Wolverine were over after the release of Logan but there are speculations that producers may have plans for the character in the future. Until that happens, fingers crossed. And if you’re out this summer, be like Jackman. Grab some sunscreen.

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