Chrissy Teigen Posts A Photo Tribute To Her Dad, Ron Teigen Sr., On His Birthday With A Naughty Twist

Date August 7, 2018

Model and author Chrissy Teigen has led quite an interesting life. Her features often confuse many people who believe her to be part-Asian and African American. And they are not way off the mark. Her father, Ron Teigen Sr., is of Norwegian descent and her mother Vilailuck Teigen is of Thai descent.


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Chrissy is celebrating her father as he marks another birthday on August 6. She shared a collage of pictures on her Instagram marking events in her life in tribute to him.

This delightful picture was taken as he walked Chrissy down the aisle at her wedding to singer John Legend in 2013.

chrissyteigen / Instagram

chrissyteigen / Instagram

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Another one featured her dad and mum looking adorable as ever. And trust Chrissy to always have a trick up her sleeve. The last photo she shared was actually not a photo of her dad but she said it was her favorite of the bunch.

chrissyteigen / Instagram

The picture showed two elderly pro-Trump supporters sporting shirts that read “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” while one wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. Chrissy was only poking fun at President Donald Trump who she has never been a big fan of.

Meanwhile, some of Chrissy’s fans did not get the joke and confessed that they spent time trying to figure out why her father looked different in the picture. We wonder what President Trump would say to this?

 It is a delightful spin to an otherwise regular birthday tribute and we expect Ron Teigen Sr. to be just as tickled as Chrissy fans. Her dad is also an anti-Trump supporter and we guess even he will get the joke. Happy Birthday sir!

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