Get Your JLo On: Ruth Langsford's Treats "This Morning" Fans To A JLo Impersonation Wearing Her Denim Versace Boots

Date August 9, 2018

Latina singer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez is just shy of turning 50, but still has fans amazed by her smoldering looks. The mother of two has always been particular about staying fit, especially as her brand of music requires a lot of performance.


Her physique is no magic feat and she does not have a stash of potions that keep aging at bay. Lopez is careful about what she eats and never smokes. Coffee also makes her list of beverages to avoid and alcohol is a no-go area.

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Also, her partnership with world famous BodyLab is almost a guarantee that she will stay fit for a long time to come. The brand develops fitness formulas specifically for women and Lopez’s professions is a great testing ground for their work.


Apart from her body, Lopez’s fashion brand is quite popular. Last week, cameras caught her in New York wearing her new denim fall-down boots. The singer was out at a promo event and the shoes caught the eyes of “This Morning” host, Ruth Langsford.

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On August 2, Langsford wore a copy of the Versace boots on her show and even channeled her ‘inner JL’, dancing seductively while the audience went wild with excitement. 58-year-old Langsford may not have the JLo body, but she sure did try her best to bust a few moves.

While many of her fans loved the little display, some others were not particularly pleased about the boots.

There is no telling how Langford’s little show went down with JLo, but we can only assume she found it equally amusing.

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