Goofy Prince Harry Is Hilarious! He Shared A Silly Face With This 4-Year-Old Awardee At The Well Child Awards

Date September 6, 2018 12:41

On September 4, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a sit-down with little McKenzie Brackley and in their usual fashion, shared the warmth and good cheer Britons have come to know them for. The 4-year-old confessed that he was uncomfortable during the interview, no thanks to the cameras.

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Being the kind souls they are, the Duke and Duchess turned away from the cameras to make Brackley more comfortable after telling him they too didn’t like cameras much. And that got the boy smiling immediately.

Goof much?

Prince Harry even goofed around a bit, asking Brackley:

Are you allowed to pull a silly face?

before sticking his tongue out. That got the little boy very excited and he made a silly face of his own. Prince Harry has a history of goofing around as a kid, one of the reasons Britons loved him and still do.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet with McKenzie Brackley, Well Child Awardsgettyimages

The Well Child Awards is an event that celebrates extraordinary children facing serious medical conditions and the individuals who contribute to making life better for these children. Brackley is one of these special kids and has a knack for cheering up people, despite his condition.

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McKenzie is a rockstar

Brackley has helped the organization in their fundraising efforts and advertisements. He is truly inspirational and has a never-give-up spirit. The child was hit with a virus that left him unable to eat, drink, or even speak, but he is recovering very quickly and always has a sunny smile for everyone.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet with McKenzie Brackley, Well Child Awardsgettyimages

Royal fans are quite impressed with Brackley and continue to compliment the little boy after pictures of the event and his story hit the internet.

Living with disabilities can be very frustrating but staying optimistic can make a world of difference. Brackley has a lot of support from his mum and that makes life a whole lot better. He also made two new friends at the awards. Life is good after all.

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