Harper's Hair Gets Chopped! David Beckham Was Almost In Tears When He Gave His Daughter The Snip

Date July 31, 2018 18:29

With his professional football career well behind him, former England star David Beckham devotes all his time to taking care of his kids. In addition, the proud father of four is a real softie when it comes to his only daughter, Harper.


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Beckham regularly shares selfies with his children on Instagram, and it is quite clear that he is very involved in their lives. On returning to England, he even started taking the younger children to school while his wife Victoria was away at work.


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Beckham is every inch the houseman as is quite comfortable filling in both roles, a quality that makes him even the more endearing to his millions of fans.


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Off with the hair!

Several hours ago, Beckham shared this picture of him cutting his daughter’s hair. While she looked particularly happy to have her dad holding the scissors, Beckham looked somewhat skeptical. Clearly, this is not the first time he has cut hair so why the grim look?


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It turns out Beckham has always been fiercely protective of his daughter’s hair and dreaded the day he would have to see it get snipped. Back in 2016, his wife suggested they give the hair a trim but he would not hear of it.

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Farewell goldilocks

Harper turned seven recently and it looks like dad decided it was about time to get that long-delayed trim. Thankfully, this was nothing like the big chop. Just a few inches off the bottom will do. In the meantime, here are some pleasant Harper hair memories for everyone.


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We totally understand how Beckham feels now, but at least he has some consolation that hair grows back in no time.

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