"I Haven't Gone Back To Rehab": Paris Jackson Responds To Rumors After Demi Lovato Lands In Hospital

Date August 9, 2018 14:43

On July 24, singer Demi Lovato almost lost her life after a drug overdose. The incident occurred at her house in Hollywood Hills. PEOPLE reported that Lovato and a couple of friends were binge partying before the incident.


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Thankfully, Lovato’s companions had a dose of Narcan on hand and administered it in time to counteract the effect of the heroin. Emergency services eventually took Lovato to the hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson has responded to people on Instagram suggesting that she may have a drug problem after the case of Lovato went public.


Recently Radar Online reported that Jackson was heading to rehab but she insists that the information is false. Some of her friends and fans have also called out the publication for spreading fake news.

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Jackson in her responses made it quite clear that seeing what drugs have done to her friends is enough to keep her clean.

Paris fans have also come to her defense on social media, calling out the rumor mongers and maintaining that Jackson deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Drug addiction among celebrities is a common occurrence with many more going public and seeking help. Unfortunately, many are unlucky and either resort to suicide or succumb to overdose.

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