Serena Williams Finds Comfort In Her Family After US Open Fiasco With Umpire

Date September 10, 2018

It may seem like the dust is finally beginning to settle after tennis pro Serena Williams’ on-court drama with an umpire during the recently concluded US Open. A few days ago, the new mother shared this cute photo of her darling daughter Ohanian on Instagram.


“Did Momma win?”

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Williams suffered a defeat to 20-year-old Japanese player Naomi Osaka after arguing with umpire Carlos Ramos over questionable on-court judgments that including her losing a game point. Williams even smashed her racket on the court in frustration, earning herself another penalty.

Many observers feel the umpire was wrong in his rulings and treated Williams unfairly. Some believe that Ramos’ judgment was sexist, seeing as many other male tennis players had acted worse than Williams in the past but gotten away with it.


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But the sentiment is not even spread as other commentators believe that Williams was guilty of all the offenses she was accused of and deserved the penalties levied against her.

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Williams was fined $17,000 by the US Open for code violations. The fine will be deducted from William's second place win of $1.85 million and donated to the Grand Slam Development Fund. According to the International Tennis Federation, the purpose of the fund is to "develop competitive tennis opportunities worldwide".

Many people are concerned that incidents like this may be bad for William's image, especially as she works on getting back to her top spot after giving birth. Hopefully, this incident does not negatively impact her career in the future. And it is good to know her family is still very supportive.

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