Serena Williams Unfazed About French Open Ban Of Her Wakanda-Inspired Catsuit

Date August 27, 2018

In May 2018, Serena Williams wore a skintight black catsuit at the French Open, an action that did not go well with the French Tennis Federation. The organization consequently placed a ban on catsuits, causing a public outcry.


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However, Williams is not worried about the ban as she has decided to respect the rules and keep her catsuit away from the competition. Williams wore the outfit for medical reasons as she suffered blood clots after her pregnancy. Moving forward, she will be wearing compression tights instead.


Nike designed the iconic catsuit that Williams gladly recommended to women facing similar health conditions. In May, she shared this post on Instagram with a message encouraging women.

No cause for alarm

In a response to the ban by the French Tennis Federation, Nike defended Williams on social media. Later on, in a press statement, Williams made it clear she had no grouse with the Federation and urged fans and the media to remain calm on the issue.


Williams’s fans also defended her use of the catsuit, echoing the medical concerns that brought them to the court in the first place. Tennis players traditionally wear skirts to play the game and Williams’ outfit may have been regarded as disruptive to tennis traditions.

With an increased clamor for women’s rights around the world, it is still likely that common interest groups may take up the issue in the future. For now, Williams is set on preparations for the US Open.

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