"Tell Your Perky Boobs To Calm Down": Khloe Kardashian Gets Cheeky With Kourtney In New Instagram Pic

Date August 17, 2018

The Kardashian sisters have always very close and fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians can attest to this. However, there has been some friction lately between sisters Kim and Kortney. In a YouTube video on E!, Kourtney called her sister Kim and “evil human being” after Kim said she was the least interesting Kardashian.

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The fight did not stop on the show as the warring sisters took their claws out on Twitter as well, with Kourtney sharing a tweet about prioritizing her role as a mother over anything else. Kim did not take it lying back and had a sassy response of her own.

In the heat of the drama, Khloe seems stuck in the middle but fans were quick to conclude that this fight was just another gimmick by the show producers to increase ratings. Last week, she shared a photo she took with her sister Kourtney with a cheeky note about her boobs.

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Seeing as Khloe is not caught up in the beef, we guess Kourtney must also be in on the joke. But the post brought the issue of Kourtney’s boobs to limelight again. Meanwhile, the sisters are well on their way to mending fences on the show.

Kourtney in the past confessed to getting a boob job at the age of 21, an act she still regrets.

khloekardashian / Instagram

khloekardashian / Instagram

Like her sisters, some fans and critics have called Kourtney out for patronizing plastic surgeons. Whether her boobs now are real or paid for is questionable but at least it looks like relations between the sisters are still good.

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