What Really Does Little Luna Hate? Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Daughter's Top Peeves And Campfires Make The List

Date August 20, 2018

Three days ago writer and model Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of her and 2-year-old daughter Luna sitting by a fire outdoors. While Teigen was blowing off a s’more, little Luna stood well away from the fire. It turns out, Luna did not enjoy the outdoors experience as much as he mom did.


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Teigen said in her comments

I cannot explain how much she hated this.

Maybe it was the fire or just the idea of staying out in the cold when they could be warm indoors. Nevertheless, camping seems to have made it on her list of peeves.

For the past two years, little Luna has been the star attraction on Teigen’s Instagram, but now she shares the spotlight with her baby brother, Miles. Since his birth three months ago, Teigen has been treating fans to regular updates on her handle and the pictures are just adorable.


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Recently, she shared pictures from the family vacation in Bali, the first family vacation since the arrival of Miles. Luna had a blast looking at wildlife during the trip. In addition, she even identified animals as masculine and feminine based on their looks. That is a check on her “things I love” list.


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It turns out Luna is not the only one who really does not fancy the bonfire experience. One Twitter follower shared her experience that was quite similar to Teigen’s.

Another follower however still feels that Luna would cherish the time she spends with family in the future, even if it was not fun at the time.

Do you have any childhood memories that seemed awful at the time but in retrospect, give you a warm fuzzy feeling? If you do, it is likely there’s a little Luna inside you.

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