"What The Fit?" Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey Shows Off His Buff Physique After Losing 50 Lbs

Date August 7, 2018

Three days ago, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay stunned millions of fans when he shared this image of his summer beach body. The 51-year-old looked quite ripped and definitely had been working out and dropped 50lbs from 270lbs. Moreover, his new body is not just for show. Ramsay is actually taking his health more seriously now.


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Over the weekend, he participated in the AJ Bell Triathlon alongside two of his children and for a worthy cause. The chef was helping raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation.


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Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Ramsay revealed that as he grew older, he realized the need to stay in shape, especially seeing as his job had the tendency to make him add weight if he let it. Now, he stays very active and works out with members of his family.

I suppose when you get to your forties…um…I am always a little bit more cautious. I eat well but I train hard.

Ramsay is not new to the triathlon. He competed in an Ironman event in 2015 and has made regular appearances in events steady over the years.


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Besides just staying fit, Ramsay says that working out with his family is also a great way of spending some quality time and bonding. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Get some heart and get buff in the process.

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Ramsay participated in the London triathlon with his son Jack and daughter Megan as Team Ramsay and all three completed the event. And his fans are really loving the new look.

Triathlons involve three sequential races, the most common involving running, cycling, and swimming. It is a great way to stay in shape as it exercises the entire body in the process. And you don’t even have to join a big competition. Triathlons can involve small groups of people or even just a gang of friends.

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