Cute As Candy: David Beckham And His Daughter, Harper, Get Fans Gushing With Their New Bike Hangout Video

Date September 21, 2018

Former England soccer player David Beckham and his daughter, Harper, are a perfect example of a healthy father-daughter relationship, and she just might be his favorite child. This week, the hands-on dad shared an Instagram video he took while out on a bike ride with Harper.

Harper recently turned seven and clearly knows her way around a bike. She pedaled happily alongside her father with her bright purple helmet and yes, without training wheels. We will not be surprised if the duo had a little race to see who is the fastest. Who do you think would win?

New year, new hair

David spends a lot of time with his family now that he is retired and often goofs around with Harper as well. Back in July, he shared this post when Harper got a haircut. This was the first time in her life she was getting a major snip and it turns out he did not fancy the idea much but had to follow through.

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The haircut came not long after she celebrated her 7th birthday. David has always loved his daughter’s hair and even helps her take care of it. Cutting off the locks must have been hard but Harper seemed to like the fact her father was squeamish. Still, it was another hilarious bonding moment for father and daughter.

David Beckham is a softie

David loves all his children, but when it comes to Harper, there is no holding back, even if he tried. In a 2015 interview with ET, David confessed that he turns to putty whenever Harper is around him.

I have no power with that little girl, no power whatsoever. You know I love all my children of course equally but I am definitely stricter with the boys than I am with Harper, which gets me in trouble with my wife of course.

David is obviously up to the task of handling some tough loving from his wife Victoria but even she understands the connection between father and daughter. It is no secret she has a soft spot for her oldest son Brooklyn. In the end, all the children get their fair share of love and the family is as strong as ever.

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