Fab In Black! Royal Fans Compare Meghan Markle's Stunning Black Birthday Dress With Other Royal Outfits

Date August 7, 2018 18:30

On Saturday last week, the Duchess of Sussex celebrated her first ever birthday as a royal in a very untraditional way. She attended the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee, a childhood friend of her husband, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.


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As always, the Duchess showed up looking fabulous. This time she opted for a stylish but simple sleeveless dress from the staples of Club Monaco, completing the look with a Philip Treacy hat and heels by AQUAZZURA. Surprisingly, the outfit cost a lot less than her usual purchases. Harper’s Bazaar put the cost of the dress at $328.


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Whether in high-end or regular brands, the Duchess has a knack for making the black color look even more attention-grabbing. Some fans of the royal family have even drawn comparisons between the Duchess of Sussex in different black outfits and the late Princess Diana as well as the Duchess of Cambridge.

While all three women have their own individual tastes in clothes and fashion sense, they all stand out at smart dresses and pull off the dark look without breaking a sweat.

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Many fans of the royals feel like the Duchess of Sussex may be edging out all other royals for the title of best dressed. While Her Majesty the Queen has always preferred royal women to be conservative, the Duchess is a breath of fresh air and is unafraid to show some style.


Many of her outfits over the past months have been dark shades and she seems quite comfortable with neutral colors as well. While she is not particularly dark skinned, her darker outfits tend to push attention to her face and hair most of the time.


Do you think the Duchess pulls off the look or should she include a bit more color in her wardrobe, perhaps even take a cue from the Queen who often dresses in very bold and bright colors?

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