Give Me Love: Barack Obama Surprised His Sweetheart Michelle With Pink Roses On Her 'Becoming' Tour

Date November 19, 2018 17:30

Earlier this year, Michelle Obama released her first memoir, Becoming, and announced a tour for nearly 2 weeks. 

Look who's here! 

Barack Obama is known for unconditionally loving his wife, and he couldn't help but attend one of her tour appearances.

During an interview with Valerie Jarrett, the audience went wild once the former POTUS, with beautiful flowers in his arms, stepped up onto the stage. 

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Michelle, shocked, couldn't hide her sincere smile. And undoubtedly, she later posted a tweet revealing her delight. 

Oh Lord, aren't these two the cutest? The Obamas rock the world, no doubt!

How people reacted

Even though Barack and Michelle Obama are often in the spotlight of criticism and slamming, they still share a special bond and strong love, and people adore it! 

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We aren't defending anyone, but it's so amazing to see how people treat each other romantically, respectfully, and warmly, even after 26 years of marriage. 

'I Am Becoming'

The new bookBecoming, is full of juicy facts, secrets, and unrevealed stories no one has ever heard about the former presidential couple. 

The memoir reflects Michelle's past, fertility issues, IVF, her love for Barack Obama, political points of view, and so forth. The former First Lady could give a piece of her heart writing about all the ins and outs. 


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Currently, she's on a tour called I AM BECOMING, where she gets candid about every detail written in the book. Hopefully, it's not the first time her sweetheart Barack will romantically surprise her! 

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