92-Years-Old Lady's Adorable Reaction When She Found Out Willie Nelson Recorded The Song She Wrote

Date October 5, 2018

True talent can never stay hidden. And the fulfillment of dreams does happen, no matter how old you are. 92-year-old Lyndel Rhodes proves this logic as her songwriting was taken up to fame overnight!

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Her reaction to hearing her lyrics being played

Long ago, Lyndel had written a song titled Little House On The Hill. It was very near and dear to her fragile heart. Her son happened to be a famous songwriter and producer named Buddy Cannon. He decided to make his mother’s dream of becoming a songwriter to come to reality.

He had worked with many artists and one of them was Willie Nelson who had all the flavor to give to this amazing song. So, Buddy gave the lyrics to him which was later added to lead-off track in Nelson’s 2017 album God’s Problem Child.

To witness her priceless reaction to the first writing credit, Cannon made Rhodes’ video at her house, listening to the song. As she listened and sang along, her voice was cracking and fading with overwhelming emotions.

It was the most adorable and touchy moment. Thanks to Buddy for making us all feel the joyous fulfillment of her wish!

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Reaction to her accomplishment

Well, even her reaction bought her more loving reactions from people. They loved and adored her spirit. Her happiness had vibes to trigger joyous emotions and tears. Lots of love and respect were sent to her!

Willie Nelson truly gave her the well-deserved honor!

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The song

Listen to this beautiful song and experience the touchy story behind it. The sound of the sweet lyrics hitting emotions, lingering from a forgotten past that will now be remembered. Words that had a yearning to be heard for so long!

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