Wondrous Weekend! Joanna Gaines Shares Photo With 4-Month Old Baby Crew And Talks About Her Husband Chip's Surprise

Date October 8, 2018

We've got a whole bundle of joy to send out to you. It's a heartwarming experience to feel other's emotions. On account of this, Joanna Gaines has details of her amazing weekend to share. Ready or not a load of happiness is coming your way!

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Joanna with her baby 

Baby Crew is the most lovely little being for her fans to watch. As rare as his sightings are, this image shows the charm of this tiny fella that needs to be covered. His rosy cheesy and pleasant bubbly existence means the world to Joanna. 


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He is sweetly cuddled in mommy's arms and peeking through her soft hug. What a delightful scene to witness motherly compassion!

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Chip's surprise to his family

Her husband, Chip Gaines had a wondrous surprise in store for wifey, Joanna and his little boy, Crew. He took them to a Balloon Fiesta. The beauty of this event had captivated Chip long time ago. He kept talking about it from time to time to his wife. When he finally went there with his family, they were overwhelmed by the mesmerizing view of the settling sun among the hot air balloons.


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Joanna captioned:

We finally got to experience the magic of this special place.

Guess it's true, love is when you can't imagine experiencing something beautiful without having your partner by your side.

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Family comes first

Chip and Joanna are a famously busy couple. From switching houses and starring in HGTV's Fixer Upper, they always make time to have fun with their 5 cute kiddos. They are doing the best parenting, they can possibly do as well. Always keeping the kids in the loop of almost every conversation

The key to their solid family bonding is communication and frankness. The family also encourages their kids to be playful and curious. Set to explore the world, connect with nature, and learn that life happens beyond technology.

The mutual happiness they share surely resonates toward their fans. Please share the love and preach to make your family the highest priority!

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