Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Fiery Superwoman Muscles: Her Strength Is Now Magnified Making Her Feel Stronger And Healthier

Date October 1, 2018

Watch out, guys! Jennifer Lopez is going to give us some major body goals. If you haven't paced up with the trend yet, let us enlighten you: Strong is the new beautiful!

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Showing off her muscles

Jennifer isn't shy to flaunt about her new look. Her muscle gain is impeccable and no one can ignore that. Instead of letting her routine wear her down, she has channeled it into strength. Her hard work has really paid off!


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J-Lo's superwoman muscles have brought her great satisfaction as she captioned:

I am having so many emotions but mostly I'm just feeling strong, happy and grateful!

It's unbelievable how she traveled constantly and still buckled up for her intense workouts. At times Jeniffer must be too tired to even get up. But her endurance pushed her through. She is certainly in the best shape of her life!

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Her fans are stunned by her fit body

People shared how they have trouble even getting off the couch when it's time to go to the gym. And our J-Lo even at age 49 is putting our persistence to shame.

Wowsers! Need her workout routine details? Anyone?

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Her struggle through fat-shaming

It absurd to think that the most iconic woman of her time was body shamed. Hollywood has some infuriating body standards. In the eye of critiques, even the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, didn't have the perfect body.

J-Lo be like, look at me now haters!


Island vibezzz... 🏝 #vacaciones

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In 2016, she decided to make peace with her curves. J-Lo had struggled, trying to fit the flawless figure. The feeling of not being thin enough was crushing her. Now, she is an advocate of body confidence and preached women to love themselves.


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If you want to be healthy and fit, do it for yourself. Be the best version of you. Share and comment if you agree!

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