50-Year-Old Kylie Minogue Goes Makeup Free In A New Music Video And Looks Mesmerizing

Date June 25, 2018

Kylie Minogue has always been a massive inspiration to women everywhere. She publicly overcame breast cancer and opened up about her issues with anxiety and panic attacks.


So good to feel the sunshine in France! 💛 Mais, OUI!!!

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The singer's strong spirit is also backed up by incomparable beauty. Having recently turned 50 years old, Minogue cherishes her looks and is proud of her years.

Exposing vulnerability

Kylie Minogue just released her new music video for the song Golden, in which she showed up makeup-free.

50-year-old singer happily demonstrated her bare skin and looked absolutely stunning. 

It's amazing how gorgeous Kylie looks.

Kylie Minogue / YouTube

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Minogue's fans are already obsessed with the video calling her a "natural beauty", "golden icon", and even saying she "looks even better without makeup on".

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