Are Meghan Markle's Dresses Too Tight? Is She Pregnant? Public Goes Into Frenzy Over The Duchess' Recent Outfits

Date July 12, 2018 13:00

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in Ireland with the official business, and they're already making headlines. The royal couple has been having a wonderful time in Dublin and received a very warm welcome from the President Michael D. Higgins.


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But social media users seem to be focusing more on the duchess' outfits during her trip. Some comments are positive, some are criticizing, and some are verging on conspiracy theories.

Close inspection

Meghan Markle has changed quite a few outfits so far during her visit, and they're getting a lot of attention. Her black pantsuit is receiving praise for looking classy and suiting the duchess wonderfully.

The greyish brown dress, however, Meghan wore as she and Prince Harry were greeted at the president's residence in Dublin is a bit more controversial. Hawk-eyed people online think the royal might be pregnant based on how the dress fit around the duchess' belly.


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We're not surprised that people continue to speculate whether Meghan is pregnant or not. Who wouldn't want to see another royal baby? But it seems that the general consensus about the dress is that it's too tight, and some people weren't too nice about it.

Some even took it upon themselves to investigate Meghan Markle's undergarments, or, according to some social media users, the lack of it.

It seems that no matter what the Duchess of Sussex chooses to wear these days, she will always be bombarded with millions of opinions, some of which might not be very pleasant.


But what did you think about Meghan's dress? Was it too tight? Is she really pregnant? Or maybe, the public should cool off on the royal's outfits?

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